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February 06, 2001

 Here's what I've been up to:
My wife recently had two disks fused in her neck, so I've been busy helping her with recovery. I've also been working on XFree-4 drivers for the SGI dialbox, Magellan, and Spaceball. That's the main reason there haven't been any updates.

I have a version of Molscript for Linux that can display above/below, interlace, or anaglyph stereo. I had this done a few months ago, but it does stereo internally, not with the stereogl library. It was sort of a test case to work out the methods. I was sort of waiting to post things until I had the library worked out, but I may post this as a demo to generate interest (Email me if that sounds good)

I started working on stereoGL using GLUT. I realized that this would be very limiting in some cases, so I rethought the system using plain GL. However, it would be nice to be able to use GLUT calls to find OS-dependent things, like what is the current window Y position for interlace. This is the kind of thing I could use some hints on, but it looks like I need to get something posted before getting much feedback.

I've been considering automatic stereo, where the app draws once in mono, and the stereoGL library converts to stereo automatically. This could be used to create a wrapper for the real GL library to make any app stereo, the way it is done for Win9x games. This is easy for a simple rendering, but gets quite complicated when looking into details. For example, it would be possible to collect all rendering into a list. At the end, the master list could be called once for each eye. If the app uses display lists, this means wrapping the list calls and composing the master list as a list of display lists because GL allows only one list to be created at a time.

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